Faith Coalition Of Lancaster County — July 15, 2019

The humanitarian crisis affecting immigrants on our southern border continues. Once again, we find ourselves horrified and outraged that people – including children – are being held in overcrowded, unsanitary detention camps. Immigration is a complex issue, but one thing we should have in common is compassion for those who are in need, especially children who are suffering.

Humane and just treatment of all persons is a moral obligation. Organizations, individuals and faith groups are responding in various ways to provide benevolent and professional care.They are working to meet the immediate, intermediate and long-term needs of immigrants and refugees.They are also calling for action to guarantee basic human rights to all.

The Faith Coalition of Lancaster County calls on government officials and employees, as well as contractors, to treat all people with basic human respect by providing basic needs and proper living conditions and treating families with compassion.

• We advocate for compassion and understanding toward those seeking safety within our borders.

• We urge our elected leaders to honor their moral obligation to protect our borders through humane means that preserve families and uphold the dignity of individual lives through expediting rational, thoughtful solutions and policies that will ensure those seeking sanctuary are protected, embraced and treated with fundamental human decency.

• We strongly believe that children should not be separated from parents, even as we strive to protect them from trafficking and abuse.

• We also encourage everyone to consider ways they can help and to donate to organizations that support refugees. A partial list of such organizations is below.

Catholic Charities

Church World Service

Gathering Humanity
Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society –

International Rescue Committee, Inc.
Islamic Relief USA

LDS Philanthropies

Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service

Presbyterian Church USA

Raices Texas

Seventh Day Adventist

Unitarian Universalist

United Methodist Church
Desert Southwest Conference –
United Methodist Committee on Relief –