We envision and work towards a world where synagogues, mosques and churches work together to protect each other and celebrate the diversity of their communities.
Our message to the world is one of empathy, understanding and meaningful relationship. Through telling our individual stories we hope to be the voice of America which speaks louder than chants of “go back”, and instead embraces the idea that our differences are an asset and strength to be celebrated.

“We will never go back. We will only go forward. We are boldly moving forward to amplify that each of our unique experiences and diverse stories is what makes us better,” said Wendy Goldberg, Interim Executive Director of Tri-Faith Initiative.

“We are guided by our various faith traditions to pursue dialogue, meaningful interaction and the fostering of relationships. We are dedicated to building bridges across whatever may divide us,” said Dr. Maryanne Stevens, Tri-Faith Initiative Board Chair.