Icons in the Orthodox Church are not mere traditions, but have a very deep symbolic, Christocentric, ecclesiological and elevating content (Holy Tradition). They express the truth that God became man, so we may become gods by grace (Theosis). For this reason, Icons are a great treasure towards the salvific path of the faithful, while their view calms and uplifts the soul. The educational value of Icons is immense: It is well known that “a picture is worth a thousand words”. Icons allude to the imitation of the life of Christ, the Theotokos and the saints, while theologically speaking they are showered by the light of the resurrection of Christ. Orthodox Icons do not focus on the physical depiction of persons or events, but point to otherworldly reality. Icons have thus become windows to heaven, which as such are cherished, venerable and sacred objects. Spiritual transformation, granted through the grace of God, is the purpose and the divine essence of life for all faithful. In order to distinguish a holy Icon from pictures or other icons (such as computer icons) the word is properly capitalized in English.