If you are chosen to preside at a banquet, don’t put on airs. Just be like everyone else. Look after the guests before you sit down. After you have performed your duties, you can sit down and enjoy yourself with the others. They will respect you for doing a good job.
If you are older than most of the guests, you may talk; that is your right; but you should know what you are talking about and not interrupt the music. If entertainment is being provided, don’t keep up a steady conversation; it is the wrong time to show off your wit. Music at a banquet where wine is served is like a ruby set in gold. Good music and good wine — an emerald set in gold.
If you are young, don’t speak unless you have to, but never more than twice, and only if someone speaks to you first. Come to the point and say it all in a few words. Show that you are well-informed, but stay quiet. Don’t treat important people as if you were their equal and don’t make a nuisance of yourself by asking them a lot of questions. The reputation of a modest person goes before him, as lightning before thunder.
Leave the party at the right time and never be the last to go. Don’t linger at the door; just go straight home. There you can enjoy yourself as you wish, but don’t commit the sin of bragging. Don’t forget to thank your Creator for letting you enjoy so many good things.

(Sirach 32:1-13)