The Church of the true God with its sacred objects, rituals and Sacraments is not a human invention but God’s own institution.

The management of God’s churches and the worship in them must not depend on human deliberation. It must be grounded in the “rules and laws of priestly office”, laid by the “apostles vested in the Holy Spirit, strong in actions and in words”.

God’s wisdom has deemed the establishment of the holy temples not only a useful but also a necessary tool in the salvation of men, because God’s wisdom never does anything excessive and what is not useful.

That is why everyone who wants to be saved must diligently attend God’s temples with attention; participate in prayers and praises to the best of his or her abilities; observe and follow the word of God and the doctrine of life; and sanctify oneself with the sacraments, in accordance with the rules and the laws laid out and passed on to us by the divinely inspired apostles and wise Church Fathers.