I have often been asked to offer suggestions to people who want to enter into a debate about God: more precisely, how we can prove God’s existence.This is actually troubling. What makes any of us think that God needs for us to prove His existence? And how could anyone presume that she or he could prove it? Can it be that religious folk who feel a need to “prove God’s existence” feel most of all a need to prove it to themselves because they have their own doubts? Because they have religion but not a living faith? Think about this matter and perhaps ask yourself whether there is not something particularly strange about believers thinking that they have to prove that God exists? Or that they CAN prove it? Or that it NEEDS to be proven? The very fact that some engage in efforts to (theoretically) “prove God’s existence” in itself raises doubts in many people’s minds. Perhaps there needs to be a re-think about the matter. Faith is something we can share, if we do in fact have it. “Proving that God exists” calls into question whether He does or not, and calls into question whether the would-be “prover” has faith in Him. Let’s think about this prayerfully.

(Abp. Lazar Puhalo)