(50 Character Traits)


Love – loving people well

Joy – going much deeper than happiness

Peace – living in peace, even in difficult circumstances

Peacemaker – spreading calmness by your presence

Courage – moving forward on your mission in the face of opposition

Wisdom – synthesizing information to make good decisions

Merciful – giving grace wherever possible

Kindness – treating others with respect and good will

Slow to speak – listening more than talking

Resilience – returning to your mission any time though matters may move you off course

Perception – seeing behind the words and actions of others

Forgiveness – letting go of offenses

Obedience – living your life before God, i.e. following all His directions

Full of faith – relying on God to be and do what He says He will do

Faithfulness – someone others can count on

Humility – thinking of others more than of yourself

Generosity – freely giving what you have to those who are able to receive it

Self-controlled – not ruled by your appetites

Passion – putting your whole heart into your mission

Perseverance – not letting circumstances or distractions dissuade you from your mission

Godliness – constantly mindful of God’s perspective on your life and mission

Integrity – being the same regardless of who is (or isn’t) watching

Prayer – regularly communicating personally with God

Truth – honest, having nothing to hide

Sacrifice – willing to give yourself, when God so directs, even when it hurts

Righteousness – doing everything in such a way that God would approve

Hope – mindful of heavenly eternity, even when things look dark

Fully alive – living each moment to the fullest physically, emotionally, spiritually

Growth – always growing in maturity, wisdom, skills

Gratitude – acknowledging to God and others the gifts you receive

Diligence – investing your time and other resources to get a good return

Excellence – doing everything to the very best of your ability

Advocacy – fighting against injustice when those close to you are in danger or harmed

Intimacy – willing and able to share the deepest parts of you with select others

Friendliness – willing and able to enter into and participate in other people’s worlds

Servitude – looking more for what you can give than what you can get

Self-awareness – conscious of what you think, know and feel

Confidence – absolutely certain of whom you are and what your mission is

Patience – invested fully in the now while allowing God to direct future results

Flexibility – able to adjust tactics without changing your mission

Fearlessness – not moved by fear in any dimension

Value – making others lives better by your involvement with them

Self-protection – risking yourself only when others can truly benefit

Inspiration – living in such a way that others are lifted up

Spirit-filled – allowing the Holy Spirit inside you to do what He wills

Calmness – not emotionally flustered by opposition or circumstances

Nurturing – caring tenderly for those who are hurting or broken

Healing – not controlled by wounds from your past

Health – refusing to indulge in anything – mentally or physically – that may lessen your well-being or fitness

Discernment – able to determine the source of an action or circumstance – from God, from the enemy or from a person