1. Slimming your waistline

Lent is not a season for weight loss. Though Lent involves the taming of the physical, but the goal is to cultivate a spiritual hunger for God, not a slimmer physique.

2. To make God happy

Lent is not about controlling God, making him happy or less angry, simply by taking up classic Lenten disciplines of prayer, fasting and generosity towards others.
God does not play along with silly games.

3. Curing an addiction

Lent as a spiritual journey is not about curing addictions. If you feel powerless to break a dependence on alcohol, sexual activity, gambling, drugs, overeating or any other vice, seek professional help from a counselor and an addiction recovery program in your church or community.

4. Showcasing your spiritual virtue

“Beware of practicing your righteousness before other people in order to be seen by them,” Jesus warned, “for then you will have no reward from your Father who is heaven” (Matthew 6:1). Whether we are fasting, praying more regularly or giving money to the poor, Jesus warns us against showcasing it.

5. Being a cool trend

Increasing numbers of people from all walks of life are practicing Lent, because many seems to observe it in some way. We may feel distant from God, but vaguely desire a tangible way to reignite our spirituality or to reconnect with ancient practices. Lent is about our relationship with God: Being in His presence and becoming one with him (Theosis).