The Father of the Monastic community explaining its life 
to a pilgrim made these comments:

“Many people have opinions on how we should live, 
and how this vocation should be lived out in toady’s
 world. Some are critical of our ways of doing things, and see it as rigid and unbending.

Equally others accuse us of betraying the traditions as to how
 we live today. Often the same people who are not monastics are the 
most vocal in all of this.

The way of life, be it in the large monasteries, hermitages, Sketes or married people living the monastic life, which is increasingly flourishing today, cannot be understood from the outside.

It has to be entered into, and lived from within, to be understood. 
For what we think, say and do does not come from books alone 
or discussions, but from an evolving lived experience each day 
and night that God gives to us.

The meaning of our life and monastic ways is through the daily 
giving of ourselves to God despite all our limitations. In the
 walking, falling and getting up again.”

In the humble love and service of our brothers and sisters and those God sends to us.

Father Richard