As the discussion of monasticism continued, another Father who had lived many years in the desert rose to his feet to
speak . He shared the following thought not from an academic study of monasticism, but from the lived experience of many years .

“When we meet to discuss and decide how monasticism should be lived, many speak today from a legalistic point of view. Wanting to legislate in the terms of structures that control almost every area of the monastics life; or others propose a one-size-fits-all approach to our way of life saying that there will be room for individual development and progression within this. The trouble with one-size-fits-all normally comes down to what a few think that one-size should be, and it does not allow for individuality to flourish and develop on this path. If we think there is a clear path for a life time search, we have not begun to understand the path. The Rule itself, whatever rule one follows, is a pointer on the path: The more we walk down that path we come to understand there is no complete path in front of us. There is just the next step to take or the next point to journey towards. This is the whole desert journey of a life tim, a search of love, hunger and faithfulness. We travel from point to point not knowing what will unfold and come next, but being carried like a feather on the breath of God. Actually, those who do not understand this are those who do not get the point of it at all.”

Father Richard

(English grammar & punctuation slightly corrected)