The Elder stood and spoke, “Fathers, Brothers, Sisters, it seems to me that there are some in our midst who concentrate their God-given day by throwing stones of condemnation at others. – They point out everything they perceive to be wrong with them, their lives, their personal situations, their Church, and so the list goes on, with all the reasons why they must be excluded from our fellowship.

The problem is that the same people often remain totally blind to their own faults and effects their behavior has on other people.  Before we even pick up the first stone of condemnation to throw at anyone, remember: “Lord Jesus Christ , Son of God , have mercy on me a sinner”.*  Before we speak why a brother or sister should be excluded from our fellowship, remember there is someone who has been given many second chances by God: That is us.  Before we condemn anyone for not doing what we believe to be the correct path, first become the change that you hope for.  Before you send anyone into exile, remember, we would need to walk into exile with them, because we are also sinners before God.”  

(Father Richard)

*Eastern Christian Jesus Prayer