First of all, Jesus is not the sower. God is. And God is sowing his seed, namely, Jesus. In fact, he isn’t exactly sowing Jesus (in the present tense) — he’s already sown his Son. And he’s sown Jesus everywhere.

This was shocking to those listening to Jesus from the seashore. They were Jews, and believed that God would only “sow his seed” among them — and no one else. . . .

It’s still a shocking story today, at least to all those who feel that God has given his Son to only one group of people — to Christians, or even better, to Catholics. And everyone else is just plain “out of luck.” But the parable tells us that God is as generous with his Son as a God could be. He’s given his Son to everyone! He’s “scattered” the “seed” of his Son not only for Catholics, but for Baptists and Presbyterians, too. And not just for Christians, but for Muslims and Jews and Buddhists and Hindus. And for atheists and agnostics, too.

What we hear in most parables is true about this one. God just ain’t like us, at all!

You see, we’d be careful about where we sowed our seed. But God sows it indiscriminately, almost as though it didn’t matter where it goes. It goes everywhere! We’d be stingy with our seed, worried we might run out of it. But God seems to have no end of it, an inexhaustible supply, so God can be much more generous than we.

Fr. Paul Holmes, adapted from Naked, and You Clothed Me

Paul A. Holmes, STD, was ordained a priest for the Archdiocese of Newark in 1981 and is now Distinguished University Professor of Servant Leadership at Seton Hall University.