Rightwing homophobes seem to populate Gay dating sites. This should not be surprising. Moral outrage is nearly always a form of public confession. Normal people can say that something is sin and forbidden by their religion without ever using vulgar language, expressing hate or malice, or even disgust. There are, remember, plenty of people in this world who find Christians disgusting, and who speak about all of us Christians with hate and malice. Some of them even behead, shoot or torture Christians. Imitating them when we refer to others is likely not a good idea. Self-hating homosexual clergy always rant that there is a “Gay agenda,” and seem to think that anyone who decries hate, malice and vehemence about those or any other “enemy” are part of an “agenda.” But then, Baptists have always insisted that the Pope “Antichrist,” and that Roman Catholics are all pagans (come to think of it, they find Orthodox Christians “disgusting” also.) The issue for me is that one can express the matter that this or that is considered a sin by their religion without filling the statement with vulgarity, lies, slanders, hate or malice. And without pretending that we are all-knowing or capable of judging the heart of another person. When people say “hate the sin but love the sinner,” they almost inevitably finished the statement by saying horrible things about the person, not the “sin.” And so much of the pejorative is just plain cruel, mean-minded and ignorant. It seems to me that it would be more effective to express the opinion that something is a sin without expressing it in a clearly sinful manner.

Vladika Lazar Puhalo