“Orlando Shooter Was Reportedly a Regular at Pulse and Had a Profile on Gay Dating App Gabrielle Bluestone.”

This should not be surprising to anyone who has studied psychology and or psychiatry. His violence was the rage of a homosexual man who was deeply self hating, full of envy, and religiously programmed to be filled with shame, self hate and remorse over the fact that he was born Gay and could not change it. That may also explain his violence toward his wife. In many of the formerly married Gay men that I have interviewed, they had become angry with their wives because they had been led to believe that getting married would make them no longer Gay, and they felt that their wives had let them down by not effecting that change in them. This is, among other reasons, why we know that 99% of virulently homophobic men are deeply self-hating Gay men who have been programmed in one way or another to despise themselves for the way they were born and the fact that there is no possibility of changing themselves.
The following is a reply to my son Adam concerning his response to my words above. His conclusion had been similar to mine:
Son, even if he had not had a psychiatric condition at birth, self loathing is almost certain to generate a mental illness. The bitterness of self-hatred is often projected as a hatred toward those who are not suffering from self-hatred. This sort of envy breeds a virulent anger that can erupt in violence. The Orlando shooter appears to have referred to ISIS as a self-justification. There has as yet been no evidence that he was actually connected with any terrorist organisation. I surmise that if his actions were terrorist related, it was to the terrorism that his religion had committed on him and his psyche. This is one of the great evils of juridicalism and fundamentalism. It programmes so many people to have a deep self-loathing. We find from studies done in paliative care hospices that the people who fear death the most are usually the most religious ones who come from traditions were guilt is significant and a fundamentalist view of hell and judgment are strong.

(Lazar Puhalo)