The ancient Christian faith can be a relative expression of the universal truth that all life is sacred and united.

• Christianity is one of many paths on the journey of experiencing the divine. All people are free to explore and discover the heritage of diverse spiritual traditions.

• A conciliatory Christian presence is inclusive of all and exclusive of none; and denounces discrimination based on gender, race, sexuality, nationality, language, culture, religion, disability or other distinguishing features.

• Participating in the “Great Commission” (St. Mark 16:15) requires demonstration of the liberating message of the Gospel, not just its proclamation: We must practice what we preach.

• Progress on the journey of spiritual development requires that we welcome and encourage the questioning of traditional and contemporary interpretations of the Christian faith.

• The Gospel message of Jesus Christ compels all believers to strive for justice and peace among all people and to become dedicated advocates of the poor and oppressed.

• The Christian faith includes reverence and care for our planet and all created things.

• The Christian faith is a journey of spiritual development and requires a commitment to continuous learning, progress, grace and love.