Easter is the religious observance that celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Christians believe that Jesus rose from the dead or was resurrected by God.

From a more in-depth perspective, the spiritual meaning of such things, like resurrection, does not rely on accurate historic accounts. It presents a mystical event that must have significance in our lives to be meaningful even after two millennia. Resurrection may occur when a person becomes one with Jesus; in other words, when Jesus truly comes alive (resurrected) in that person. Thus, when we celebrate Easter we do not focus on history, but rather on the continued living element of Jesus in the lives of his followers.

Spirituality stands beyond chronology. Though Jesus lived and died in the chronological context of time and space, his teachings and salvation are timeless, i.e. an eternal truth that always existed and always will. It is not to just to celebrate historical events with all its folkloric cheers, but foremost a call of their spiritual significance in our lives.

Thich Nhat Hanh, a prolific Zen teacher, once said: “Redemption and resurrection are neither words nor objects of belief. They are our daily practice. We practice in such a way … that Jesus Christ is born every moment of our daily life”. In his book “Living Buddha, Living Christ”, the same Thich Nhat Hanh relates that he came to have an appreciation of Jesus not by reading the Bible, but by meeting kind and wonderful Christians. Through these Christians he came to respect and admire the life and teachings of Jesus.

For us, eternal life means to transcend life and death, to stand beyond time – an immeasurable life. The Christ within us is immeasurable life. Through becoming one with Him I become life eternal, I transcend life and death.

Why attempt to transcend life and death? Why try to stand beyond time? Once we do so, our fear and apprehension of death will be gone. Our life is fulfilled, whether we live only to be a few years old or grow into old age. I can unite with the loved ones I have lost, whether it was recently or many years ago. We have peace of mind as we someday leave our loved ones behind when our time also has come. Why would anyone not want to transcend life and death?