In a world where people are constantly grasping for deeper meaning, more spirituality and higher purpose, energy healing has become very desirable to many who desire a non-sectarian approach to healing. We humans often belief that we are the center of the universe — that we are in control of our health, our bodies, our lives, our circumstances and our destinies. Those who have not turned to Higher Power have no choice but to search for healing solely on human terms.

The practice of energy healing is not in itself a religion, but it is a pathway to one’s own spirituality. It leads to a personal journey that encourages us to focus on healing that comes from outside ourselves and how this divine energy can be claimed. Through tapping into this unlimited source, we can be taught to replace (“negative”) energy with appropriate healing energy by addressing the cause(s) of the problem, whether physical, emotional or spiritual.

Reiki for example, a widely used energy healing technique, always existed dating back to pre-historic times and has now been further developed by modern-day healers, such as Micao Usui in Japan around the beginning of the 20th century. Using neutral, cosmic symbols for healing, Reiki works by removing obstructions to the flow of life force (divine energy) throughout the body. These obstructions are caused by negative thoughts, actions or feelings, which are proven to be the fundamental cause of illness. Employing this method is the way Jesus not only applied his healing power, but asks his followers to do the same (1 Cor. 12:28).

The use of energy healing encourages us not to put our full trust in ourselves and our own bodies, but in God. As we participate in energy healing, automatically recognition is given to God and at the same time gratitude for divine healing. Thus, the person using these methods of healing has made himself or herself ultimately an instrument of God. Becoming involved in energy healing is therefore not only a blessings, but also a spiritual growth process of understanding God’s healing power, transcending all human frailty and illusion.