By: Michael G. Conner, Psy.D, Clinical & Medical Psychologist

Each year, more than four million Americans are pressured or forced to take a psychological evaluation. Doctors in the professions of psychiatry and psychology perform these evaluations for disability and fitness determinations, child custody disputes, worker compensation, injury and stress claims, job applications, denying medical services and for law suits initiated by individuals against employers, business or government. So many evaluations are conducted and for so many reasons, that virtually anyone can find him or her self in the position of being evaluated. Unless you have been evaluated, you probably don’t realize that a psychological evaluation can profoundly affect your rights, your financial status and your future.

There are psychological evaluation procedures that are designed to be therapeutic and extremely helpful. These Therapeutic Assessments are distinctly different from evaluations implemented for the purpose of determining your rights, damages or considerations under the law. Another evaluation procedure that is designed to be helpful are Assessment Based Intervention (ABI). An ABI is an assessment protocol that combines crisis intervention and mediation with an objective psychological evaluation focused on solutions to problems, objective data and motivation for self-directed change.

This paper has been written to educate and support people who are asked, pressured, or forced to take a psychological evaluation. No book has ever been written for the public that clearly reveals the questionable and unethical behavior of a growing number of doctors in psychology and psychiatry. If you are involved with psychological evaluations you need to know what you can expect to happen, how to expose the misuse of an evaluation, how to protect yourself, as well as advise others. Read more at